What Are ABTA and ATOL, and How Do They Affect my School Trip?

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ABTA and ATOL are forms of financial protection, put in place to safeguard deposits and payments for travel abroad.

They offer peace of mind and security for those organising the holiday, so are essential for any school trip. Here’s some more information about why ABTA and ATOL are so important.

What are ABTA and ATOL?

Both ABTA and ATOL can protect travellers, and their payments, if circumstances change. This can include, but is not limited to, disrupted flights, travel company failure and transport home if there’s an emergency or cancellation.

ABTA – Association of British Travel Agents

ABTA protection covers all types of trip: rail, cruise, self-drive and flight-based.

It covers both transport and accommodation by providing full refunds or letting you continue your holiday with an alternative accredited supplier.

ABTA has a specific code of conduct that its suppliers have to abide by in order to be certified. Without this, they cannot operate as ABTA members and their customers are not covered by ABTA protection.

ATOL – Air Travel Organiser’s Licensing

Like ABTA, ATOL is a form of financial protection. However, the organisation is government run and the license is a legal requirement for all UK companies wishing to sell overseas holidays.

It oversees the supply of licenses to such companies, though it only covers flight-based trips abroad.

This form of protection helps customers who are left stranded, or whose trips are cancelled before they’re due to fly. Via ATOL, customers can receive full refunds or alternatives that allow them to continue with their holiday.

Both ABTA and ATOL also offer ways to resolve complaints with the trip or providers.

Why do you need ABTA and ATOL protection for your school trip?

ABTA and ATOL give you an extra layer of security for your school trip. If anything untoward does occur with your supplier, you can be confident that your trip will continue or you will receive a full refund.

This is particularly desirable as school trips are a hefty investment. If something was to go wrong and the trip wasn’t covered, parents would call on the school to refund their money leaving a sizeable gap in the school’s budget.

How WorldStrides can help

WorldStrides is an ABTA member, so offers full financial protection for your trip.

Your group leader will also receive an ATOL certificate for financial protection when you book and pay the deposit.

If something was to go wrong during your trip, we have representatives all over the world that will help you either continue or get home safely.

As members of both ABTA and ATOL, you can be sure that your trip is in good hands. This is part of our commitment to making school trips easier for teachers, providing assurance and a sense of security throughout.

To find out more about how we can protect your school trip, get in touch today.

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