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Why Do You Need to Promote Your School Trip?

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To promote your school trip, you can’t just rely on word of mouth to get students involved. You really need to work hard to build those numbers up and keep everyone informed.

Here’s why you need to promote your school trip, and some tips on how to do so.

Why do you need to promote your school trip?

Promotion is an important stage of the planning process for your trip.

For many schools, trips cannot take place unless a certain number of students take part.

Promoting your school trip gives you the best chance of attracting the right number of students and making sure the trip goes to plan.

How to promote your school trip:

WorldStrides offers simple, worry-free promotion as well as guidance and support through this process.

Take a look at these top tips to encourage additional student sign-up

Cover the basics

Before you start promoting, talk to your operator about the finer details of the trip. This will feed into your promotional material.

Set a date for your Information Session

This session does what it says on the tin – it provides information about your trip.

There’s no commitment at this stage, but will give you a rough idea of numbers and will suggest if the trip is viable.

Consider inviting parents as they will ultimately decide if the child can attend or not. Bring along your WorldStrides’ representative to show your commitment to financial and personal safety on the trip, as well as your dedication to the educational needs of your students.

A date needs to be set at this stage so your promotional material (such as posters and presentations) can reflect it and encourage attendance.

Give personal invitations

Invite your students to take part by talking to them in class or a year-group assembly.

Give them a short introduction to the trip by showing them your customised WorldStrides web page and key slides from your bespoke presentation – but don’t give the entire game away.

Also get teachers in your department to write the date and time of the information session on their boards. Sending out details through the school newsletter is also a great idea.

Put up posters

WorldStrides will give you a mix of A3, A4 and electronic posters specific to your destination.

All you need to do then is put them up in lunchrooms, classrooms, and hallways to create a buzz and encourage students to join in.

Host your Information Session

Welcome your attendees and introduce yourself and the tour operator. Then run through the key information using your bespoke presentation provided by WorldStrides. This information includes:

  • Travel dates
  • Sign-up details
  • Highlights of itinerary
  • Tour price/payment options
  • Registration deadline

It’s also worth outlining any connections to the curriculum your school trip has.

Make sure you give students and parents the opportunity to ask questions and then you can conclude the session.

Send promotional information home

We’ll give you a pack of information to give out at the end of the session. This will include a template letter with sign up forms as well as a link to the trip’s web page.

This should be all you need to encourage students to join you on your trip.

If you need to promote your school trip, get in touch with WorldStrides today!

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