Teacher's packing essentials

Teacher’s Packing Essentials For a School Trip

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Students aren’t the only ones to pack at the last minute, so here’s a handy guide to every teacher’s packing essentials for a school trip.

This helpful list will help you make sure you don’t forget something important, and that you’re prepped for the entire trip.

Information pack

First things first, all teachers should have an information pack containing the key documents they need for the trip. They should photocopy it, distribute it to chaperones, and keep a couple of extra copies for themselves.

Here are just some of the items this information pack should include:

  • Multiple copies of the class register
  • Booking documents – including ABTA and ATOL certificates
  • Itinerary
  • Rooming list
  • List of any special requirements/student notes
  • Contact information (for students on the trip, their parents and the tour operator)
  • Completed parental permission slips and medical waiver forms

Once you’ve compiled this in a folder, you can start concentrating on the rest of our teacher’s packing essentials.

1) General items

Here are the basics that most teachers will need on their school trip:

  • Phone and charger (a portable charger pack is useful too and a suitable country adaptor!) – make sure you have plenty of credit and can make international calls without any issues
  • Maps of destination
  • Photo ID (a colour copy of this and passport)
  • Torch (and spare batteries)
  • Toiletries
  • Refillable water bottle and snacks for the journey
  • Clean-up equipment – you never know what can happen on a trip, so it’s best to be prepared. Pack tissues, paper towels, wet wipes, disposable gloves and plastic bags just in case.

2) Optional extras

While these may not feature on a typical teacher’s packing essentials list, they will help the trip run more smoothly. Take a look:

  • Dressing gown – in case you have to check on the students at night
  • Neck pillow for the journey
  • Smartphone, tablet or laptop for internet access and entertainment on journey
  • Camera
  • Activity sheets/goals for the day
  • Pens and paper for leaving messages with guides/people you meet (thank you notes are a big hit)
  • Pack of cards/games to keep kids entertained – a tennis ball is a great ice breaker
  • Lanyards/name tags for each student that also include contact information for the trip leader in the event that someone gets lost

3) Healthcare items

All school trips should have a system in place to make sure each child has brought the right medication/equipment for their specific needs. It is essential to check this before leaving for your trip.

In addition to this, you will need:

  • A first-aid kit
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Anti-bacterial hand wash

4) Trip-specific items

Some trips will require specific things; for example, you might need snowshoes for a skiing trip in Switzerland, but you won’t for a walking tour of Rome.

Anything you tell your students to bring should be part of your teacher’s packing essentials, so double check the list you gave them at the start.

Your tour operator will have a good idea of what you need, so ask your WorldStrides representative about any trip-specific items before you go.

Try to think outside of the box, as sometimes you might need something a little unexpected, e.g. sun cream for snow-based trips.

Tick all these things off your list, and you’ll be all set for your school trip. Enjoy!

To find out more about planning a school trip, get in touch with the WorldStrides team today!


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