Students and the Benefits of Educational Travel

Top 10 Benefits of Educational Travel

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Travelling provides students with more opportunities than just creating life-long memories; it provides students with multiple advantages that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. We’ve produced a list of our top 10 benefits of educational travel:

1. Compassion

Being exposed to new environments and lifestyles that different to their ones at home allows students to be more empathetic, grateful and see how different their life is to others. By being aware of how others live, this allows students to reflect on their own lives and be compassionate for others.

2. Confidence

Living and working abroad gives students more confidence to prepare for living on their own and finding employment back home. It provides students with the opportunity to overcome challenges and prepare for the next stage in their lives.

3. Networking

Travelling provides students with a global network of contacts and references that are beneficial to list on university applications. While travelling, it’s important to network to make valuable connections.

4. Grit

Being away from the comfort of family, friends and home can be tough. But by embracing the new environment and changes, it shows that someone is interested in the world outside of their pre-existing one, and they are confident enough to explore new locations.

5. Better academic performance

Travelling provides students with a chance to perform better in school. Students who visit a new country and have first-hand experience learning about the culture and landmarks will have an advantage to others who have just read about it.

6. Perspective

Being unfamiliar and unaware of a new location allows students not to have pre-conceived ideas and will enable them to open their mind. Students can experience new challenges and open their mind to new cuisine and cultures.

7. Individuality

Travel gives someone the chance to discover themselves and what they are capable of. Students reflect on their trip and set themselves lifelong goals and priorities that they want to achieve in life. They learn to rely on themselves instead of others.

8. Growth & independence

Students will become more independent without their regular support system near them. It provides them with chances to see what they are capable off on their own and learn useful skills that will help them survive on their own. Stepping out of their comfort zone will allow them to grow as an individual.

9. Appreciation

By being away from home, students can realise what they miss back at home and appreciate the belongings they have. By being exposed to cultures that have less than they do, they can learn to be grateful for what they do have.

10. New friends

Students can make lifelong friends through travelling, or meet locals and get to know more about them. Travelling opens more doors and opportunities that would not have been able to happen without travelling.

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