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Fundraising Ideas

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Fundraising for WorldStrides trips can be engaging and fun instead of overwhelming.

Here are several different fundraising ideas that students can try.

If you have a great idea that is not on the list, please send it to us!

1-Day Fundraisers

These fundraisers can generate the money for your school trip in less than a day. Many of them can be carried out with little planning.

  • Set up a community yard sale in the school parking lot and rent spaces to family and vendors for extra money.
  • Host a bake-off bake sale and charge participants a small fee to enter and for attendees to watch.
  • Organise a board game tournament and charge a small entry fee.
  • Sell festive gifts for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter, Christmas, etc.
  • Offer a baby-sitting service at your school with the help of teachers that can volunteer their time.
  • Wrap gifts around the holiday season at a local retail store and collect tips.
  • Offer to clean up your local sports venue for a donation towards your WorldStrides trip.
  • Set up a concession stand at your school or local athletic event and collect tips.
  • Host a car wash in your idea. Groups can raise thousands of pounds in a single weekend.

Ongoing Fundraisers

Holding small fundraisers during the year can help fund for your WorldStrides trips. All the small donations add up.

  • Sell homemade cakes and other baked goods during lunch or after school.
  • Hold a 50-50 raffle; your group equally splits the profits with the raffle winner.
  • Ask local businesses for donations towards your trip.
  • Host school jumble sales and get vendors to sell food and items they no longer need.

Special Events

These fundraisers require more planning and organisation, but groups can earn up to £7,500 or more!

  • Sell tickets to a school talent show.
  • Host a 24-hour Dance-A-Thon where students create teams and have to dance for 24 hours.
  • Create a coffeehouse at your school and invite student bands, jazz acts, dancers and poets to perform. Sell hot drinks and baked goods to raise money.
  • Organise a school dance or carnival. Sell entry tickets and refreshments to raise money.
  • Set up a drive-through and sell meals to busy parents making their way home from work.
  • Sell meals at school before events (school plays, parent/teacher meetings) for parents that might be hungry.
  • Ask local businesses to donate prizes and host a silent auction.

Creative Fundraisers

Even if your school has multiple groups holding fundraisers, you can find a fun and creative one that has not been done yet:

  • Host a dodgeball tournament and charge the participants an entry fee.
  • Collect pledges for your group to take part in a community service project that benefits the area, for example trail clean-up or painting.
  • Sponsor a Rock-a-Thon. Students will collect pledges to sit in a rocking chair during an after-school event.
  • Contact a nearby sports team’s community relations office and ask if they will sell you a block of seats at a discount. Sell the tickets at school at face value and market it as a fun “night at the game” spirit event.
  • Ask teachers to take part in a good-natured “Teacher Torture” day where they will volunteer to do fun stunts set by students, such as colour their hair and wear pyjamas to school. Students pay for each vote of what they want the teacher to do.


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