Religious Education School Trip To Israel

Highlights of a Religious Education School Trip to Israel

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On average, over 3.5 million people visit Israel every year to see famous religious landmarks such as the Dome of the Rock, Mount of Olives, and Wailing Wall. A school trip to Israel provides students with a chance to learn about the religious sites. We’ve put together some of our key highlights on a Religious Education school trip to Israel:

The Dome of the Rock

Religious Education School Trip To Israel

Israel is home to sites that belong to Islam, Judaism and Christianity. One location that is sacred to the three principle faiths is The Dome of the RockThe Dome of the Rock stands over the site of the two original Israelian temples, which are important in Judaism. In Islam, the Dome refer to the nearby Mosque as the most sacred in the world. And in Christianity it is mentioned in the Bible where Abraham offered his son Isaac as a sacrifice.

The main reason students would go on a religious education school trip to Israel is to learn more about the three faiths and they will leave Israel with a stronger knowledge. Going to The Dome of the Rock provides students with an insight to all three.

Al Aqsa Mosque

Religious Education School Trip To Israel

The Al Aqsa Mosque is a sacred site in Islam; it is where Muslims go to for their daily prayers. By going on a school trip to Israel, students can tour it and learn more about it. Non-Muslims can visit the Al Aqsa Mosque and learn about when it was built, and it’s importance to the Islam faith.

Jewish Quarter

Religious Education School Trip To Israel

The Jewish Quarter is one of the four traditional quarters in Jerusalem; it is home to many synagogues, museums and the Western WallStudents will visit the Jewish Quarter and learn about the history behind it. Since 8BC more than 2000 people have lived in the Jewish Quarter.


Religious Education School Trip To Israel

Nazareth is one of the most popular towns in Christianity and home to Jesus Christ in the Bible. Christians visit the town of Nazareth to see Jesus’s hometown and one of the largest Christian churches in the Middle East. Students that go to Israel will learn about one of the most important moments in Christianity.

Mosque of Omar

Religious Education School Trip To Israel

The Mosque of Omar is another essential Islamic landmark in the country of Israel.  It was built on the land where prophet Mohammed ascended to the afterlife. A benefit of going on a religious education school trip to Israel is providing students with a better understanding of the prophets in Islam, and for what they were best known.

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