How Do the LOtC and STF Affect My School Trip?

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The LOtC and STF are organisations who bring learning outside the classroom to students in a safe and positive way.

They work together to make sure members stick to best practice codes for school trips, and meet standard safety requirements. Their membership includes companies that provide attractions, accommodation, travel and more.

By choosing to take part in a trip that has links to one of these organisations, you can be sure your students will have opportunities for learning and personal growth in a safe environment. This will give you peace of mind when it comes to managing the trip onsite.

What are the LOtC and the STF?

The LOtC and STF are organisations that facilitate opportunities for learning outside the classroom. They believe this type of learning is extremely beneficial for students, and aim to make it possible for every school in the UK.

Here’s a little more information on each of them:

Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC)

The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom is the national advocate for non-classroom learning.

It provides a huge number of resources, developed with the support of many experts, to help those involved with school trips be as prepared as possible. These resources can help:

  • Education practitioners
  • Teachers
  • Headteachers
  • Governors
  • Organisations that provide LOtC experiences

LOtC aims to support those working with young people aged 0-19 to provide high-quality educational experiences. So, if the provider you’re looking has links with this organisation, you can be sure they’re reputable and that they’ll create a fantastic experience for your students.

School Travel Forum (STF)

The STF is a democratic and not-for-profit organisation. Since starting in 2002, it has had support from the council for LOtC and the Outdoor Education Advisors Panel (OEAP).

Members of the forum are fully accredited and are comprehensively checked to ensure they uphold the high standards the STF set for the educational travel sector. This includes meeting the criteria for the LOtC Quality Badge, which is a part of the STF’s Code of Practice and Safety Management Standards.

For teachers, this organisation provides help, guidance and support via the latest research and information on popular school trip destinations. It also offers assurance that its providers are professional, and have student safety as their priority.

How can the LOtC and STF help your school trip?

Both organisations provide assurance that your trip will be safe, educational and of a high standard.

This gives parents the confidence they need to decide whether a trip is suitable for their child. It will also help you, the trip organiser, be sure that if anything goes wrong, you’ve got cover.

How does WorldStrides fit into this?

As a tour operator, we work closely with the STF and the LOtC to ensure that our trips are of the highest quality, and offer new opportunities to students across the world.

We adhere to the standards put forward by both organisations, and are ABTA and ATOL protected to ensure that all students on our trips are safe.

To find school trips that are STF and LOtC approved, talk to one of our WorldStrides’ advisors today.

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