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Who Should Accompany a School Trip?

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Deciding who should accompany a school trip is a key part of planning any educational excursion.

You need a core group of dependable adults who you can trust with the safety of your students. You also need to feel confident this group will ensure that students have an enjoyable experience.

Here, we’ll offer advice on how to pick the best candidates to accompany a school trip. This way, you’ll be sure your students are in good hands and your trip will go without a hitch.

How many adults should accompany a school trip?

The number of adults who accompany a school trip is usually determined by the school organising the excursion.

The school will base this figure on safety protocols, what’s been agreed with parents, and the individual students who will be attending. If there are students with special needs, or that require one-to-one care, the number of accompanying adults tends to rise.

At WorldStrides, we have our own ideas about how many adults should accompany a school trip. However, we’re happy to provide costs according to a school’s wishes. Here are the guidelines we suggest:

  • Coach tours – 1 adult to every 10 students
  • Flight tours – 1 adult to every 8 students

We also offer Shared Perspectives tours that bring students from around the world together. We only need six students to participate, so a ratio of 1:6 is what we’d recommend here. However, this can be priced at a higher ratio to save money and include more students if required.

What skills are needed to accompany a school trip?

So, you know how many people you want to come with you, but now you have to make sure they’re the right ones.

As a trip organiser, it’s your job to find an effective and engaging team that your students will respect and trust. This team could include members of faculty, or even parents of students, it just needs to have a good sense of its priorities.

Here are some of the key qualities you should look for:

A sense of authority

Your students must respect and listen to the accompanying adults while abroad. If they do not, the trip may not go to plan, and student safety may be called into question.

However, this doesn’t mean the accompanying adults can’t be fun. They just need to be able to assert their authority, when needed.

Organisational skills

Ideally, everything will be planned and ready to go before you leave. However, a hiccup or two might happen along the way. The adults who accompany a school trip should be able to support you in organisational decisions and with logistics, to ensure the smooth running of activities.

A cool head

You don’t want an accompanying adult who will fly off the handle or whip students into a frenzy due to his or her own panic.

When picking an adult to accompany a school trip, choose one that is calm in a crisis and prepared for any slip-ups (such as a lost suitcase).

Good navigation and local experience

You really don’t want to get lost – especially if you’re out hiking in the Icelandic mountains – so a good sense of navigation is key.

It also really helps if the accompanying adult has been to the trip’s location before. It means they’ll have both geographical and cultural knowledge of the local area, and might even be competent in the local language – a real plus!

First aid

All adults who accompany a school trip should have basic first-aid training. While we hope you don’t have to use it, it’s an essential skill when travelling abroad.

You should now be fully prepared to pick your team to accompany a school trip. Start looking at the available candidates and select the most suitable team for the job.

Once that’s done, you can take your trip to the next stage. Talk to our team about what happens next!

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