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‘Love to Learn’, a new initiative starting up in the James Hornsby School in Essex caught our attention. We went out to meet the brains by the idea, Marek Campbell, to discuss the exciting new initiative and how it will benefit their students.

Can you tell us about the ‘Love to Learn’ initiative?

‘Love to Learn’ stems from the fact that, as a school, we’re looking for more proactive ways to close achievement gaps and help students achieve the results they are capable of and deserve, no matter what the barriers.

The parents of these students will be invited to our 45 minute micro ‘Love to Learn’ sessions where they’ll learn the upcoming topics in the curriculum and how best to help to their child with those topics back in the home environment. Sessions will be held every half-term for English, Maths, Science, Geography and History.

‘Love to Learn’ aims to break down those barriers for parents helping their children with their school work and give parents the tools and skills to help them. We hope to empower the parents and give them the confidence they need to help their child succeed at school. This will be done through a blend of learning and coaching.

What are your reasons for starting ‘Love to Learn?

I’ve put in a lot of personal time and effort helping students to pass their exams in the past. I’ve also had many parents say to me at parents evening that “they’d love to learn how to do that” (which is where the name came from!). So the idea was born to upskill the parents/carers so that they can support their children more effectively with their education.

Who is the ‘Love to Learn’ initiative aimed at?

We are starting it this school year with our year 11 students. Our first session will be held in early December and every half-term from then onwards.

James Hornsby School
The James Hornsby School in Essex

What is your ideal result from the initiative?

Our short term goal is for the parents to become more empowered at home with their child’s education. We’d like them to develop more confidence in what their children are doing at school, bridging the gap between home and the classroom. This will hopefully have a positive impact on the students progress and results.

The long term goal is to have all our students, no matter the background, jumping up and down celebrating in the main assembly hall when the GCSE results come out! We’d love to see all students exceeding their expectations and strive to push on into further education and/or workplace training.

What are your future plans for ‘Love to Learn’?

If the initiative is successful, we will cascade it to other year groups at the school. Ideally in the future, we’d launch the project earlier in years 7 and 8 so the parents feel fully integrated into their child’s learning at the beginning of their journey in the James Hornsby.

WorldStrides is proud to be the sponsor of this amazing initiative starting at the James Hornsby School.

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