Outdoor activities on your school trip

Try These 6 Outdoor Activities on Your School Trip

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You and your students could try a host of outdoor activities on your school trip, so why not start planning your adventure today?

Here, we have six exhilarating and exciting excursions for you to discover. The only question is: how will you fit in so many brilliant outdoor activities on your school trip?

How important are outdoor activities on your school trip?

The short answer? Very important!

School trips abroad are an opportunity to try new things and push boundaries in a safe space. Taking part in outdoor activities on your school trip allows you to do just that, and much more!

Activities such as hiking, camping and canoeing are great team-building exercises and work wonders for improving self-confidence, so could prove an integral part of your trip!

At WorldStrides we understand how much teachers and students enjoy outdoor activities, so we always aim to make them a key part of your itinerary.

One of our favourites is the Azores trip where you get to whale watch, rock climb and take a bike tour of Setes Cidades!

While we don’t run our own activity centres, we’re affiliated with several first-class facilities around the world. We work closely with the STF and LOtC to ensure all activities are safe and adhere to strict codes of conduct.

Understandably, some activities like abseiling can cause concern for both parents and teachers. We’re here to help put your mind at rest, and assure parents that activities like these are a safe and enjoyable part of the trip.

Before you ask for parental permission, work out which outdoor activities on your school trip you want to try. Don’t worry, we have a few helpful ideas!

6 outdoor activities on your school trip

It really depends on where you go, but we’re sure you’ll have lots of outdoor activities to try! Here are some we think you might like:

1. Abseiling

Get your school trip off to a flying start (literally) by taking your students abseiling. Not only will they have an adrenaline-fuelled experience, they will also get astounding views of the surrounding landscape.

2. Tree-top tours

For something a little calmer, explore vast forests and jungles with our tree-top tours. You’ll probably spot some local wildlife peeking through the branches, so don’t forget your camera!

3. Camping

Camping’s a fun team-building exercise that tests your students’ survival skills. Help them put up tents, light a campfire and sing songs around it as the night draws in.

4. Caving

Explore ancient rock formations from around the globe, if you’re lucky you might even see some old tribal drawings!

5. Canoeing or kayaking

For something a little different, go out on the lake and try your hand at canoeing or kayaking. There’s nothing quite like a peaceful day out on the water, just watching the world go by.

6. Orienteering, hiking or a night-walk

Use these activities to explore the area you’re visiting. You can test your students’ geography skills, or perhaps spot animals in the dark. Whatever you choose, it’s bound to be fun!

So, with the choice of all these awesome activities on your school trip, which ones will you choose? Call our experts to help you decide.

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