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6 Winter Wonderlands to Visit on Your School Trip

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Christmas is just around the corner, so we thought we’d create a list of wonderful winter wonderlands you could visit on your school trip next year.

There are so many snowy locations to try; the hard part is deciding which to choose first!

Don’t worry – we can help with that. We’ll give you a little background on each, as well as some tips on how to tie these winter wonderlands in with your school curriculum. Wrap up warm – we’re going in!

6 winter wonderlands you must visit

1. Iceland

The first on our list of winter wonderlands, Iceland is hard to beat!

With its soaring mountains, steep glaciers and bursting geysers it’s a Geography student’s dream destination. It even has a volcano! See if you can spot the northern lights while you’re there – they’ll take your breath away.

2. Canada

The Great White North is truly astonishing. Snow-capped mountains are separated by busy cities. You could spend months in Canada and only see a fraction of what this magical place has to offer.

History students should check out the First Nations museums and iconic sites, such as buffalo jumps and camping areas. Take your students hiking so they can explore the vast and beautiful landscapes – Banff National Park is a great spot!

3. Russia

Russia is another of our winter wonderlands that’s perfect for History students. The iconic Red Square and St Basil’s Cathedral are must-sees for anyone who visits the capital.

Experience the rich culture and architecture as you explore the city, and try to immerse yourself in Russian life.

Visit Russia in January to celebrate Christmas with the Russian Orthodox Church. The celebrations go on all night and coincide with the International Festival of Snow and Ice – definitely not one to be missed!

4. Switzerland

The snowy alps are a draw for any skiing fan, but what does Switzerland have to offer those who’d rather spend time off the mountain?

Geography students can visit the glaciers and the Brigerbad pools, while budding scientists can go to Geneva and visit CERN. It’s certainly a trip your students will never forget and, who knows, it might just inspire them to pursue a career in STEM subjects!

5. Japan

Few people think of Japan as a snowy school trip destination, but it’s one of our favourite winter wonderlands – it has so much to offer!

Art students can discover a world of ancient, iconic creations just by walking around the main cities. They’ll love the intricate pottery designs, fragile ink-painted silks and the vivid gardens and buildings.

6. The Netherlands

The paths are icy at this time of year, so it’s perhaps best to avoid the traditional cycling around Amsterdam. However, there’s still lots of exploring to be done!

Art students can take in the galleries, Politics students can visit The Hague and Geography students can explore the coastal sea and flooding defences. This is a great place to bring a Year 8 class, as it shows what each subject has to offer. In turn, it can really help them decide which GCSE subjects they’d like to take next year.

So, there you have it: which of our top six winter wonderlands will you visit next year?

Whatever your plans, ask our team for advice on how to get there and how to ensure everything runs smoothly. We’re happy to help – just give us a call today!


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