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7 reasons why students think trips abroad are the best thing about school

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It’s official – trips abroad are the best thing about school!

That’s according to hot-off-the-press research from, which found that school trips outranked a whole host of other school-related activities.

Join us as we delve deeper into this research and explain exactly why trips abroad are the best thing about school.

How do school trips abroad stack up against other school activities?

*Spoiler alert!* School trips topped the charts. But, some of the activities school trips beat to the top-spot might just surprise you. Here are students’ chosen top 10:

  1. Going on school trips
  2. Summer holidays
  3. Spending every lunchtime with your friends
  4. Getting 10 out of 10 on a spelling test
  5. Spending time with your mates
  6. Non-uniform days
  7. Play times
  8. Games day / sports day
  9. Working hard at lessons you enjoy
  10. Studying an interesting project

Let’s be honest; beating summer holidays and time with friends means there must be something pretty special about school trips. But, what is it about them?

Why do students think trips abroad are the best thing about school?

Well, not only did the research shine light on students’ favourite activities, it also asked them questions about the reasons why.

In fact, they didn’t just ask students – they asked their parents, too! Can you guess which group were more focused on studying? If you answered the older folks, then you’re a tad wide of the mark…

These are the reasons why students think trips abroad are the best thing about schools:

  1. 85% thought school trips brought the subjects they’d been studying to life
  2. 67% said they’d gone away and studied a subject in more detail after a trip
  3. 49% reckoned a school trip had made a tricky subject loads easier to understand

And, here are the things that their parents said about their memories of school trips:

  1. 52% said it was a chance for a day off (hardly in the spirit of things!)
  2. 46% enjoyed having the chance to spend more time with friends
  3. 35% looked forward to the chance of getting out of school uniform
  4. However, 20% said they chose their career path or took up a hobby based on a school trip

Even in the parents’ rather cheeky answers, you can see how school trips abroad are super important for gaining independence and formulating a future career path. They’re a long-established part of the school ‘experience’ that can be adapted to help students achieve all sorts of things.

Steve Heapy, CEO of, summed it up nicely: “[This research] tells us that children want to feel inspired and reach their potential, and school trips clearly play a huge role in that.”

So, now all doubt has been removed, where will you be planning your next school trip abroad?

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