4 unforgettable school trip destinations in Costa Rica

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It might sound like a half-term holiday spot, but there are plenty of school trip destinations in Costa Rica.

Famous for its volcanic soil, Costa Rica has an abundance of hidden history just waiting to be discovered by your students. Find out more about this mysterious country and plan your visit to these four exciting school trip destinations in Costa Rica.

About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country located in Central America. It’s situated right on the border of Nicaragua, Panama and Ecuador and lies on the shores of the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean – meaning it has some stunning beach views.

However, it’s much more than just a pretty place to visit; it has a magnificent history. Costa Rica was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1502, on his fourth and final voyage to the ‘New World’.

The Spanish optimistically called this area the ‘Rich Coast’, however there wasn’t any gold or valuable minerals in the earth. So, instead, the Spanish used the land for agriculture.

Nowadays, Costa Rica is famous for growing gourmet coffee beans, such as the famous Tarrazú variety, and is one of the world’s leading banana suppliers.

4 must-see school trip destinations in Costa Rica

  1. La Fortuna de San Carlos

La Fortuna de San Carlos is a central hub for geographers; it’s also not too far away from the Arenal Volcano (but more on that later).

The main attraction here is the Catarata de La Fortuna; a seventy-foot cliff with a huge waterfall. So, naturally, this is a great place for geography students to learn about the water cycle first-hand.

  1. Arenal region

The Arenal region is home to the Poas Volcano; one of Costa Rica’s most active volcanoes. It’s set against a stunning rainforest backdrop and spouts burning lava and ash regularly.

Take your students right to the top to see the mile-wide crater. This will contextualise their learning about volcano formation, a key part of the GCSE geography curriculum.

And on the way down, make sure you visit the hot springs. This is a great activity for students and nothing quite rivals looking out over the mountains from a natural pool full of hot water!

  1. Monteverde Cloud Forest

Take a guided walk around the Monteverde Cloud Forest. You’ll walk at an altitude of between 4,000 and 5,800 feet and see a huge range of fauna and flora. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this is a great destination for biology and geography students.

To make it even more fun, try the canopy zip line tour! This just one of the many exciting school trip activities you can try in Costa Rica.

  1. San José

San José is the capital city of Costa Rica, and it’s probably where you’ll fly in.

Here you can learn about the country’s history, visit the iconic Victorian mansions and explore the ‘Golden Bean’ plantations that surround the city.

Costa Rica is a stunning destination for humanities students. So, students of geography, history and religious studies can all benefit from a trip to the ‘Rich Coast’. It’s a great opportunity to learn about a different culture and prepare students for their GCSEs.

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