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5 inspirational traits all school tour guides should have

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School tour guides can make or break a trip abroad. They need to know their stuff, but they also need to connect with the students and make the experience a memorable one.

It’s a tall order, but it’s easy to find professional school tour guides if you know where to look. Here, we’ll outline the key qualities you need to look out for, so you know you’ll have the best guide for the job!

5 traits to look out for in school tour guides:

There are plenty of good school tour guides around, but you want the best people for the job if your trip is to be a success.

Here are the key traits that turn an average guide into an exceptional one:

1) Be a native speaker

This can be a huge help when travelling around your destination. It also means that your guide will understand the nuances of the language and some (if not most) of its history.

A native speaker can help students learn the language of the country they’re visiting. They should, of course, be proficient in speaking the primary language of the students on the trip too.

2) Have in-depth knowledge of your subject

Most school trips abroad are centred around a certain subject and topic. For example, a history trip to Berlin might focus on WW2.

Excellent school tour guides will know their subject inside-out, so they can give your students accurate information.

They should also be familiar with key points in the curriculum and help put them into context during the trip. This will cement your students’ learning and could help them in exams later.

3) Focus on entertainment as well as education

Remember, a school trip abroad is meant to be a break from the stuffy classroom. It needs to be fun!

A top-notch tour guide will ensure that your trip will be exciting and engaging, and they’ll bring the subject to life. If they don’t, the trip won’t prove very beneficial for students.

Try talking to your school tour guide before you leave and plan ways to engage your students. Suggest a few school trip activities to lighten the mood – and be prepared to get involved!

4) Have patience and empathy

Truly excellent school tour guides will appreciate that it’s your students’ first time seeing these sites and be enthusiastic and patient with them as they look around.

They’ll also understand that this might be a student’s first time away from home, and won’t get frustrated when there are disruptions to the schedule.

5) Be organised

There’s no good wandering around different sites aimlessly. There should be a plan to ensure students get to see everything and make the most of their trip. Your school tour guide should be organised enough to manage this for you.

Your guide must also be prepared for anything. If something goes awry, your school tour guide should be able to help get your trip back on track – improvisational skills are a must!

At WorldStrides, we have a team of excellent school tour guides based at key locations around the globe. They embody all of these core traits, plus a few extra skills, and have one mission: to deliver a fantastic school trip for you and your students.

Want more expert advice to help plan your next school trip? Talk to the friendly WorldStrides team today.


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