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Life-changing school trips: Destinations that change perceptions

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Arranging life-changing school trips is easier said than done.

All school trips should give students a taste of the unknown. But, there are some extra special destinations and itineraries that will leave a lasting effect on your students.

Join us as we explore what goes into creating life-changing school trips, and the destinations that can transform perceptions.

What makes a school trip life-changing?

Everyone is different. So, what some students consider life-changing school trips might not be shared by others.

Some of this will come down to their own life experiences, interests and stage of development. But, much of what makes a school trip life-changing will come down to the destination itself.

Give it a little thought, and you’ll see these destinations have something in common. They’ll probably share at least one of these traits:

  • Natural beauty: Breathtaking vistas with an entirely unique mix of plants, animals, weather conditions, water formations and geological features.
  • Historical significance: Dense layers of architecture, art and folklore that provide a glimpse into times gone by.
  • Unique culture: A rich tapestry of human life, woven from a colourful coming-together of languages, customs, clothing and creative endeavour.

Destinations for life-changing school trips

So, now you know about the elements that can capture students’ imaginations, let’s take a look at some truly life-changing destinations:

  • Rome: Come to the first city of 1m people and cradle of the empire on which our modern society is founded. Explore the Colosseum and Forum, visit the Vatican and enjoy a little Italian hospitality.
  • Galapagos Islands: Discover the natural curiosities that inspired Darwin’s ‘Theory of Evolution’ – Galapagos tortoises and Darwin’s finches – as you hop from one beautiful volcanic island to another.
  • France: From the trenches to D-Day, find remnants of the wars that have defined our times. See well-known battlefields before paying your respects to those who never returned.
  • Costa Rica: Open your eyes to a jungle paradise dripping in natural variety. Get adventurous on walking (or zipline) tours, try out regional crafts and join in with local customs.
  • China: Immerse your class in this ancient, traditionally ‘closed’ culture. Experience new sights, sounds and smells, and brush up on history that spans recent, ancient and prehistoric eras.
  • Poland: Help students better understand the most horrific events in our history by visiting Holocaust memorial sites including Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka and the former Warsaw Ghetto.
  • Namibia: See wildlife in abundance on the country’s dusty plains and wave-beaten coastline. Watch lions, zebras, giraffes, fur seals and many more great creatures surviving in their natural environment.

Life-changing school trips live long in the memory, giving your students the tools and experience they need to take on life with new-found knowledge and confidence. Use these ideas to make sure your school trip is one to remember.

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