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Get a teacher’s-eye view of a school trip to Peru

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Here, we’ll share the story of Christine Murdie’s experience of taking her students on a school trip to Peru (with help from WorldStrides).

Ms Murdie teaches at The Mary Erskine School, Edinburgh. Read about their fascinating school trip to Peru and how you can plan the same for your school.


A truly unforgettable school trip to Peru

Day 1

When we arrived in Lima after our long flight from Edinburgh, we were met at the airport by our brilliant guide Augusto. We went to our hotel for a late dinner, then off to bed.

The Erskine School -Lima

Day 2

The next day began with a tour of Lima, before a trip to the wonderful Larco Museum (with its extensive collection of artefacts showcasing over 4,000 years of Peruvian history).

Day 3

The next stop on our school trip to Peru was Cuzco, where we stayed for three nights. On our first day, we visited the amazing ruins of Sacsayhuaman, as well as Korikancha Temple.


The Erskine School1 - Outside Museum

The Erskine school - Larco Museum

Day 4

The following day started with an ancient Incan ritual. Paqo (a ‘Wise Man’) performed this for us, in which he offered gifts to Mother Earth for all that she provides. Our journey through the wonderful countryside continued. We stopped at a llama farm where we all enjoyed the opportunity to feed the llamas and alpacas.

As part of the preparations for our trip, the students raised money to provide essential items for a local orphanage. We also took small gifts for the children, including a Scotland flag, which you can see in the main picture above. Once we left the orphanage, we headed to the town of Pisac (where many a poncho was purchased) before visiting Ollantaytambo.


llama farm - Peru

Day 5

Our third day in Cuzco started extremely early as we were booked in for the train to Machu Picchu. Once we arrived in the village below Machu Picchu, we discovered that a mud slide had blocked the road up to the city, which meant that – instead of visiting the city in the morning – we had to wait until the afternoon.

When we got to the top of the mountain where the city sits, the views made the early start and delay completely irrelevant, especially when the clouds cleared and we were given a clear view across the whole site and valley. Our trip to Machu Picchu was a truly amazing experience; a real highlight of our school trip to Peru.

Mountain - Peru

The Erskine School - Muchu Picchu


Day 6

Day six found us travelling to Puerto Maldonado in the Amazon basin, where we took a boat to our eco-lodge. We explored the jungle around the lodge by boat and on foot; we saw a variety of animals during these explorations, including caiman, macaws and monkeys. The sights and sounds of the rainforest were wonderful, and a brilliant end to our superb school trip to Peru.

Day 8

On day eight we travelled back to Puerto Maldonado, where we visited a local market before catching our flight back to Lima. Once back in Lima, we had our last dinner with Augusto before we started our journey back to Edinburgh.

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