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4 awesome benefits of autumn school trips

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Autumn school trips are totally underrated…

After all, why would you wait ’til spring or summer to give your kids a motivation boost, then battle it out against hordes of tourists for the privilege?

We love autumn school trips here at WorldStrides. And, once we’ve explained all those awesome benefits for schools and students, you will too.

Just some of the things you can look forward to by booking autumn school trips

There are so many great things about booking school trips during the autumn term. But, these are our four favourites:

1) Cost-effectiveness

Arranging school trips for autumn will save you an absolute bundle in costs.

Increased demand means airlines, hotels and tour organisers have to hike their rates up come summer. But, in the low-season (September to November), they’ll happily compete for your business.

Maths teachers won’t like it, but there’s no precise calculation for this. You might save 5%, 10% or more on the exact same trip, depending on the destination and time of year.

These numbers might not sound that impressive. But, saving even this much will really help out with lowering your costs for parents and achieving fundraising targets.

2) Easy access

Having fewer tourists around doesn’t just mean lower costs; it means more access to the things you came to see.

You can wave goodbye to long queues and extended waiting times, so you’ll be able to cram more into your trip itinerary.

A quieter atmosphere reduces risks for students and will give you a more authentic feel for the true character of your destination.

Lastly, there’s the added attention you’ll get from some of the people who make the trip what it is. Whether it’s smaller tour groups or more time from the people managing your accommodation, a little extra breathing space can make a big difference.

3) Enhanced engagement

Booking in school trips for the start of the academic year will really help your students hit the ground running.

Some clever folks have worked out that:

  • 87% of secondary school students get a confidence boost from autumn school trips
  • 71% are more motivated to concentrate on learning
  • 84% reckon their social connections with classmates get better
  • 72% of primary school students believe their behaviour and ability to follow instructions improved
  • 79% develop a better relationship with their teachers

Getting students onside from day one is the best way to capture their attention for the term and help them reach those ‘A’ grades.

4) Additional context

77% of students also thought autumn school trips would really help them wrap their heads around new topics, which would boost their classroom performance.

And, they’re so right! Getting a real-life perspective of a topic is great for improving understanding of the basics and seeing ideas in action.

But, not only will it set the tone for the topic; it’ll tell them a little bit about how you intend to teach. From this point on, they’ll be all fired up for an exciting and engaging year full of insight and wonder.

With all this and more to look forward to, isn’t it about time you booked in for an autumn school trip?

Tempted to try autumn school trips? Call on WorldStrides to take the first step on your journey today.


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