About Us

We believe in dreaming big. It’s how our company was born, and it’s what we hope to give all the students who travel with us: confidence and big ideas for the future, based on what we can learn from our journey today.

Our Mission
WorldStrides’ mission is to ignite personal growth for students through travel at every stage of development.

Our Vision
To be the superior choice in educational travel for teachers, administrators, students and parents.

Kymberleigh Kemp

Kymberleigh Kemp

Educational Travel Specialist

Kymberleigh attended the University of Roehampton where she secured a degree in Media, Culture & Identity. Whilst growing up she vowed to herself that when she was older she’d create more opportunities to travel as it wasn’t something she was able to do in her younger years – apart from trips to South Africa to visit family, which were great of course!

Other countries Kymberleigh has visited are Spain, France and the Netherlands. She plans on using 2017 to travel Europe before going further afield in 2018.

Kymberleigh’s favourite activity is bowling and she also enjoys reading (any book she can get her hands on) and running.