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5 days
Info Session

Dates: 27th – 31st March 2019

Tour Organiser: Rebecca Bownas

Itinerary Highlights

  • São Miguel
  • Terra Nostra Park
  • Ferraria

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Day 1 - Wednesday 27th March 2019 - Outward Journey

Lagoa do Fogo on Sao MIguel island

A private coach will meet you at school and transfer you to the airport (optional service).

Relax and enjoy our scheduled flight from London Gatwick to Ponta Delgada.

On arrival our local guide will meet us in the arrivals hall and assist in transferring the group to our hotel. By many considered the most beautiful – and doubtlessly the most diversified – island of the Azores, it is not surprising that many tourists start their exploration of this amazing archipelago in São Miguel, the principal island of the Azores.

We will have a private coach and driver to accompany and transport us around during our stay in the Azores.

We will transfer us to our hotel where we will stay for the next 4 nights, where a continental breakfast and dinner is included.

Day 2 - Thursday 28th March 2019 

Entrance of Te.rra Nostra botanical garden with untouched flora at Furnas, Azores, Portugal

Our activity this morning will be Canoeing at Lagoa das Furnas, invoking the tranquility of the location, we will enjoy the heritage in this bucolic place, until reaching the place where we find fumaroles and boiling waters.

Lunch will be enjoyed in a restaurant in Furnas Village, where you will enjoy the traditional Cozido stew. Due to volcanic activity the locals are known to make the traditional stew on the banks of the lake.

Terra Nostra Park

Enjoy a visit to Terra Nostra Park, one of the most beautiful botanical gardens of the 18th century, where one can find species of flora from different regions of the world. We will enjoy the thermal baths in the outdoor pool.

Gorreana Tea factory

On our route back to our accommodation there will be time for a short stop at Gorreana Tea factory where one can try the different types of tea produced on the island.

Day 3 - Thursday 29th March 2019 

Vista do Rei

Depart from the hotel towards the western most part of the Island, where the mountains and Lakes of Sete Cidades are situated.

Vista do Rei

We will stop at the belvedere of the Vista do Rei to appreciate one of the most magnificent panoramic spots in the Azores. Here we will be able to see where the Sete Cidades lagoons (blue and green lakes) sit in an enormous volcanic crater.

Bike Tour

Enjoy a circular route that starts and ends at the bridge that crosses the Sete Cidades lagoons. The trail allows you to see the various lakes, wetlands and vegetation that grow in the local area.

Today we will enjoy a picnic lunch by the lake.


After lunch we will continue on the Ferraria to take a closer look at a unique geological formation along the coast – a warm salt water natural pool. If the weather and sea allows us, we will have some time to enjoy a thermal bath on a natural salt water swimming pool.

Rock Climbing

Here we will enjoy the adventurous activity of Rock Climbing, fully equipped. Enjoy the sea breeze and the local scenery whilst challenging yourself on the Azores natural terrain.

Day 4 - Saturday 30 March 2019 

Mercado da Graca

Because of its unique climate and volcanic soil, markets in the Azores feature exotic produce not found anywhere else in Portugal. Annonas (similar to pawpaw or custard apples), araçal (somewhat like guava), yam, peppers and the ever-present sweet pineapple can all be found at this market.

Convento de Nossa Senhora da Esperança

Spiritually, this convent from 1545 is one of the most important, not just in the Azores but all of Portugal as well. For that you can thank the statue of Santo Cristo dos Milagres, which was gifted to the founders of the convent by Pope Paul III in the first decades of the 16th century. The building is something to behold too, with an odd quadrangular tower that has three tiers of windows.

Igreja de São José

On the same square as the Convento de Nossa Senhora da Esperança, this sizable church once belonged to the long dissolved Convent of St Francis. It was started in 1709 has many of the hallmarks of colonial Portuguese architecture, as well as the Baroque exuberance that was in fashion at the time. The interior is immense, with three naves arriving at three chapels loaded with gilded woodwork. The blue and white tiles coating the walls, the statues from the 1600s and 1700s and furniture carved from jacaranda wood all merit a few minutes of your time.

Forte de São Bras

Begun in 1552, this fortress guards the western end of Ponta Delgada’s port and continues to be used as a base by the Portuguese Navy. Despite going through major changes in the 1800s it’s still an absorbing relic from colonial days when Ponta Delgada was under the constant threat of pirate raids.

Day 5 Sunday 31 March 2019

Commercial airplane flying above clouds in dramatic sunset light.

After breakfast, we will transfer from the hotel to the airport for our departure.

Relax and enjoy our scheduled flight from Ponta Delgada to London Gatwick.

A private coach will meet you at the airport on your arrival to transfer you back to your school (optional service).