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5 days
Key Details

Dates: 3rd – 7th April 2018

Tour Organiser: Neil Hewitt

Itinerary Highlights

  • Red Square
  • Bunker 42
  • Cosmonaut Museum
  • State Hermitage

Full Itinerary

Day 1 - Tuesday 3rd April - Outward Journey and Moscow Tour

Moscow, Russia

Relax and enjoy the scheduled flight from Manchester to Moscow.

On arrival in Moscow, an English-speaking guide will meet us and we will transfer from the airport.

Our tour begins with the Red Square. The New York Times once wrote: “Few places in the world possess the historic resonance of the Kremlin on the Red Square”. Even if you have seen this place and its landmarks dozens of times, it will be a breathtaking experience to see it in real life. During the walking tour, you will have the time to take pictures of this 73,000 square metre, brick-paved square surrounded by the Kremlin Walls, Lenin’s Tomb, St Basil’s Cathedral, Resurrection gate, GUM superstore and the Russian State Historical Museum. Visiting this mystical and historical heart of Russia with a professional guide will make your tour fascinating. He will tell you stories about a plaza on which Russia military parade takes place, and bring you all around this magical place to discover it from different but stunning points of views.

Afterwards, we will visit the Lenin Mausoleum. A revolutionary, theorist of Marxism, one of the main initiators of the October revolution of 1917 in Russia and the founder of the Soviet State (1922-1991), Vladimir IIyich Lenin rests in the Mausoleum (also known as Lenin’s Tomb), situated in Red Square in the center of Moscow. This place opens up the list of one of Moscow’s most strange attractions. The Mausoleum was unveiled in 1930 and still there is always the queue of those who want to see the leader of the proletariat.

Then we will visit one of the most well-known sights of Moscow – the Kremlin with its red brick walls and 20 towers holding their own unique history. Since its first construction in 1156 as a wooden fortress by the order of Grand Duke Yuri Dolgoruky it has been rebuilt several times. The current appearance was formed in 1495 by the best architects of Russia and Italy. Today Kremlin is the residence of Russian President and the main symbol of the country, revered by all of its citizens.

We will check in at our hotel and have dinner.

During this night excursion, you will soak up a wonderful and dynamic atmosphere of the city that never sleeps. Explore Moscow with all its beauties magically lit up at night! You will be amazed by the greatness of the Red Square with the illuminated Kremlin, the floodlit colors of St. Basil Cathedral, the GUM lighted up with small bulbs and thousands of lights reflecting in the Moskva river. Your journey will be accompanied by the fascinating stories of a professional guide. This experience will shed a new light on the way you see Europe’s biggest city!

We will then return to our hotel for the evening.

Day 2 - Wednesday 4th April - Yuri Gagarin Square

Yuri Gagarin Square

We will have breakfast at the hotel and then visit the Polytechnical museum.

Our day begins with a tour of Bunker-42, a real bunker, which was built in the 50s by the order of Stalin as a nuclear shelter for the first persons of the USSR. It was designed and built after the first series of nuclear tests of the Soviet Union. It occupies more than 7000 square meters, and is located 65 meters below the ground level. During the excursion you will hear interesting facts about the Cold War, how close was the threat of Nuclear World War, and you will learn about the facilities which were protected people from all factors of atomic explosion.

We will then have lunch in a local restaurant.

After lunch, we will visit Leninsky Prospekt and Yuri Gagarin Square.

In the evening, we will have dinner in a local restaurant and then return to our hotel.

Day 3 - Thursday 5th April - Cosmonaut Museum

Cosmonaut Museum

We will have breakfast in the hotel.

The day will begin with a tour of the Cosmonaut Museum. The Museum of Cosmonautics opened its doors to public on April 10th, 1981. The museum’s exposition gives a retrospect on how Soviet space science evolved starting from the first man-made satellites, the first manned space flight, the first space walks, Moon exploration programs, Solar system exploration programs and international space research programs. It is therefore a very interesting way to discover Russia and Cold war history as well as learn about fascinating scientific discoveries.

Before having lunch in a local restaurant, we will visit the Central Armed Forces Museum.

We will then have some free time before transferring to the railway station to catch the overnight train to St. Petersburg.

Day 4 - Friday 6th April - St. Petersburg

View of the Nevsky Prospekt morning without cars in St. Petersburg from height. On the horizon you can see St. Isaac's Cathedral and Kazan Cathedral 1500x300

On arrival in St. Petersburg, an English-speaking guide will meet us and we will transfer from the station to a local restaurant where we will have breakfast.

During the city tour, you will be taken to the most precious monuments of the city’s rich history and original architecture carefully preserved as the world cultural heritage. You will be able to hear amazing stories and to take fine pictures of the main architectural and historical sites like Nevsky prospect, the Kazan Cathedral, the Winter Palace, Vasilievsky Island, St. Isaac Cathedral, Peter and Paul Fortress, the Senate Square and the Palace Square. The 3-hour sightseeing tour will allow you to get a brief but bright impression of Saint Petersburg.

We will have lunch in a local restaurant and then proceed to the Cosmonaut and Rocketry Museum where we will spend the rest of the afternoon.

In the evening, we will have dinner in a local restaurant and then check in to our hotel.

Day 5 - Saturday 7th April - State Hermitage and Return Journey

Commercial airplane flying above clouds in dramatic sunset light. Very high resolution of image

We will have breakfast at the hotel.

It is hard to imagine a trip to Saint Petersburg without visiting one of the most famous museums worldwide – the State Hermitage. Its priceless collection occupies 5 historical buildings of which the Winter Palace – the former residence of the Russian Royal family – is the most remarkable. Its rooms, decorated with marble and gold provide a fine background for the treasures of the Hermitage. You might be surprised to know that the collection of this unique museum contains over 3 million exhibits including the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael and other famous artists; however the collections of the Egyptian, Oriental and Ancient Greek art should not be missed as well. You will be literally overwhelmed by the beauty of the museum and will never forget this magnificent and legendary place.

We will have lunch in a local restaurant.

The Summer Palace is the heart of Tsarskoe Selo (Tsar’s Village) – one of the most picturesque parks among the former residences of the Russian Emperors. Here you may feel the atmosphere of the Royal way of life in its entire magnificence. It is hard to believe that almost everything inside the Palace is a result of a careful restoration, which has been finished just 8 years ago. Nowadays the legendary Amber Room, where this precious resin covered the walls in a magnificent and shining style, as well as the radiant interiors have finally regained their former splendor after they suffered from severe damages during World War II. Today tourists from all over the world come to the Pushkin to see the marvelous park and the Catherine’s Palace, definitely one of the most impressive highlight of every visit to Saint Petersburg.

We will then transfer to the airport for our departure.

Relax and enjoy our scheduled flight from St Petersburg to Manchester.