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5 days
Trip Information

Dates: 3rd – 7th April 2019

Tour Organiser: Mr Colin Currie

Itinerary Highlights

  • Plaza de Toros
  • Seville Cathedral
  • Plaza de Espana
  • Córdoba Mezquita-Catedral


Day 1 Wednesday 03 April 2019

Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas

Relax and enjoy our scheduled flight from London Stansted to Malaga.

We will have use of a private coach and driver, while touring for the next 5 days.

We will transfer to Ronda by private coach.


Ronda is the heart of modern bullfighting, and is a perfect place to experience traditional Spanish culture. It is perched high atop the El Tajo gorge, providing expansive views of the surrounding area.

Today, we will gain from the knowledge and insight of local guides.

Visit Ronda’s world famous Plaza de Toros, the spiritual home of bullfighting, inaugurated in 1785. It is the dream of every bullfighter to display his skills in Ronda’s ring.

Enjoy a Walking Tour through Ronda, a classic Moorish pueblo blanco (white village), featuring cobbled alleys, lovely window grills, and many of Ronda’s historic sites. Our tour will include the Puente Nuevo, the Convento de Santo Domingo, and the Ayuntamiento (town hall).

We will transfer to Seville by private coach.


Seville is known as one of the great cathedral and university cities of Europe. It is also the heart of bullfighting and flamenco, and an intriguing Moorish heritage. Seville continued to grow from its trading relationships with the Americas and today is a bustling, lively city.

Our base for the next 2 nights will be Seville, where breakfast and dinner will be provided at the hotel.

Day 2 Thursday 04 April 2019

Seville Cathedral 2

Today, we will gain from the knowledge and insight of local guides.

Walking Tour

Take a Walking Tour through Seville’s Barrio Santa Cruz, a tiny quarter of narrow streets and whitewashed houses possessing flower-covered patios and ironbound windows.

Seville Cathedral

Visit Seville Cathedral. We begin with an ascent of La Giralda, the magnificent bell tower, which provides breathtaking views of Seville. We then enter the cathedral, where we will see the Patio de los Naranjos, with its central fountain and orange trees; the Treasury; and the Capilla Mayor, which is dominated by the Retablo Mayor, dedicated to the cathedral’s patron saint. Finally, we will view the grandiose Tomb of Columbus, moved to the cathedral in the 1890s.

Plaza de Espana

Representative of much of the regional architecture, this magnificent construction is highlighted with polychromatic ceramic tiles. The semicircular plaza has a diametre of 200 metres and is flanked by two spectacular towers and a bordering lake that are especially worth seeing. The large brick building flanked at each end by a high tower has fifty eight benches in recesses decorated with tiles, depicting historic episodes for each province of Spain.

Discover the Reales Alcázares, a former Moorish fortress taken over by the Christian kings for use as a palace. It remains one of Spain’s best examples of Mudéjar architecture.

Day 3 Friday 05 April 2019

Great Mosque Mezquita interior in Cordoba Spain - religion architecture background

We will have use of a private coach and driver.

Today, we will gain from the knowledge and insight of local guides.

Archaeological Site of Italica

The Roman city of Itálica, located on the lower Guadalquivir, half-way between Sevilla and Alcalá del Río, played an important strategic role both in political-military life and economic life during the height of the Roman Empire, proof of this being the fact that it took up a surface area of approximately 60 hectares. Today, Italica shows the visitor a splendid Roman amphitheater and gives the opportunity to walk through the layout of its streets.

We will transfer to Córdoba by private coach.


Córdoba was the northernmost city of the Moorish empire, and is known for its important Islamic architecture and large Judería, or Jewish quarter. The city’s old town preserves its historic character with whitewashed courtyards, patios adorned in hanging flowers, wrought ironwork, and narrow streets.

Córdoba Mezquita-Catedral

Explore Córdoba’s exquisite Mezquita-Catedral, originally built as a mosque and later transformed into a Christian cathedral. We will marvel at the hundreds of carved arches, pillars, grillwork, and mosaics that fill this 1,200 year-old building.

For the next 1 nights, our base will be in Córdoba. Breakfast and dinner will be included at the hotel.

Day 4 Saturday 06 April 2019

Granada Cathedral

Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos

Ferdinand and Isabella governed Castile from this fortress on the Río Guadalquivir as they prepared to reconquer Granada, the last Moorish stronghold in Spain. Columbus journeyed here to fill Isabella's ears with his plans for discovery. And it was at the Alcázar that Ferdinand and Isabella bade Columbus farewell as he set out to chart unknown territory and discover the “new world”. The Alcázar was also the headquarters of the dreaded Spanish Inquisition for 3 centuries. The Gardens of the Alcázar display their Arabic origins, complete with terraces, pools, and cooling fountains. The centerpiece of the fortress, the Patio Morisco is another lovely spot, with twin pools and an ivy-covered grotto, and pavement decorated with the coats of arms of León and Castile.


Wander through the Juderia, Córdoba’s ancient Jewish quarter. This neighbourhood is filled with tiny streets, interesting shops and cafés, uniquely designed synagogues, and houses with beautiful flowered patios.

We will transfer to Granada by private coach.


Granada was one of the last major strongholds of the Moors, whose influence is reflected in the design and architecture of the city. This beautiful city sits at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains, as well as at the confluence of three rivers, and this important geography drew Celts, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Jews, and Moors over its long and complex history.


Stroll through the old Moorish quarter, the Albaicín, where the city of Granada was born. It is now a maze of steep streets filled with quaint shops and secluded plazas.

Mirador de San Nicolas

Except for the Alhambra itself the Mirador de San Nicolas is the biggest "must do" attractions in Granada. It is a square in the Albaicin which has the most wonderful view of the Alhambra and the Sierra Nevada.

Granada Cathedral

Visit Granada Cathedral dating back to 1506

Our base for the night will be in Granada, where breakfast and dinner will be provided at the hotel.

Day 5 Sunday 07 April 2019

Alhambra Palace -Granada


Explore the Alhambra, Spain’s finest display of Moorish architecture. Set high upon a hill overlooking Granada, and shadowed by the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Moors built this city within a fortress to be a symbol of power and strength on the outside, and a “paradise on earth” on the inside. Our visit will also include the Generalife, the country estate of the Nasrid Kings, where they could enjoy tranquility high above the city, a little closer to heaven.

We will transfer to Malaga by private coach for our departure.

Relax and enjoy our scheduled flight from Malaga to London Stansted.