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Common Questions

Can you help us promote the tour?

Yes we definitely can! Our ‘Recipe for Success‘ is a tried and tested method for recruiting students. We’ll provide you with posters, template letters for the parents, a personalised web page and we’ll come out to present to the teachers and the students.

Can you custom-make itineraries?

Yes we can, we offer tours to a wide range of destinations and are continuously adding more itineraries to new destinations. Please get in touch for customised quote if you can’t find the destination you’re looking for.

Will students room together?

Students typically room with three other students (four students to a room) of the same gender. Many trips allow students to select their own roommates. Ultimate approval of all roommate selections rests with the Group Leader.

Which airlines do you use?

We choose the airline based on the most convenient flight times and routes with the budget and itinerary in mind. We use a wide range of airlines however if a school has a preferred airline we can accommodate requests.

Who does WorldStrides work with to ensure safety?

Our internal risk and operations teams are staffed by executives with decades of experience in contingency planning. Additionally, our partnership with the George Washington University Department of Emergency Medicine allows travellers access to expert medical care while on tour. Lastly, our team works closely with the School Travel Forum, GOV.UK, International SOS, and iJET to evaluate global conditions and advise clients when substantive issues arise.

With numerous offices worldwide, we have contacts on the ground in many countries ensuring we are always at the forefront of any global issues.

What if travel to our destination becomes impossible or unsafe?

For large-scale disruptions such as natural disasters, flight delays, or more serious world events, our team is equipped with extensive contingency plans and decades of experience in evaluating risks, and sometimes rerouting and evacuating groups. Safety is our first priority, but rest assured we are also committed to providing you as much of the experience you are expecting as possible. As a result of our experience and global reach, more of our programmes are able to continue with alternative arrangements than single-market operators who lack this breadth. In the event of a serious situation such as a natural disaster, WorldStrides will regularly update the school who will update families.